Sindh Support and Development Foundation(SSDF)

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Sindh Support & Development Foundation SSDF was established in 2009 to empower these advantaged communities and under privileged areas of Sindh. The Foundation works on a diverse portfolio of programs through ownership and sustainability of the interventions. The Foundation believes in awareness especially in workshops, seminars, publication which includes a magazine, newsletters, browsers and pamphlets for caregivers and practitioners. In its effort to expend the magnitude and quality in a work SSDF has emerged as the most vibrant support and development foundation in the Sindh.................More

SSDF in Thar Desert

This paper argues for a twin-track approach to hunger and poverty reduction that combines measures to promote rural development through growth in agriculture and rural off-farm activities with measures to provide direct and immediate access to food for the most needy.
The paper begins with an exposition of the concepts of food insecurity and poverty and shows that the majority of the hungry and poor in developing countries still live in rural areas. It then documents the substantial economic costs of hunger to show that direct action against hunger can itself contribute ..........More



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